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Learn more about the men behind Moonwalk and its projects!




C.E.O., Director 1, Development Generalist

Surat, India (Office)

Born May 4, 2004

Aditya is the founder and C.E.O. of Moonwalk Entertainment, and has led the development on all games developed by the company. Being the development generalist, his responsibilities include everything from game design to programming to storywriting to web development to company management. Skilled as a game designer and programmer, he has expertise in the Unity cross-platform game engine and languages such as C#, C++ and Python. Aditya also supervises the company's art and QA team.



Director 2, 3D Art Generalist

Sivasagar, India (Remote)

Born December 2, 2003

Diwangshu, or D.K. as he's known to friends and coworkers, leads Moonwalk's 3D art team. Being a generalist in the field of 3D art, he is responsible for building, texturing and animating the 3D models in our games. Used to working in Blender and Adobe Photoshop, D.K. makes the assets that bring our environments to life, and is especially skilled in 3D weapon and vehicle design. He also supervises Moonwalk's team of external playtesters.


3D Artist


PixelHole joined the team in December 2019 as a 3D artist. As one of our highly-talented artists, he is especially skilled in designing, making and texturing environment assets.


Business Manager

Surat, India (Office)

Born February 8, 1974

Utpal is the business manager of Moonwalk Entertainment, and supervises the business affairs and financial decisions regarding the company. He joined the team in March 2019.