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What we've been working on

We are very strict about sticking to one project until it's released and we don't let ourselves be sold to distractions. We avoid doing what others are doing when it comes to video games and we encourage exploring new and unique ideas, regardless of the risks. We like neatly documenting our progress, and we learn from our mistakes.



Projects that are made into Products... We may still be working on 'em, so it won't be nice to call 'em "done"



Video Game
Released on May 15, 2018 C.E.
Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux

Sergeant! Keep those silly I.S.A.S. (Islamic State And Stuff) suckers at bay while our scientists conduct some important 'plasmic' experiments for the development of our warfare technology, in a position THAT IS LEAKED TO THE ENEMY! Their are a lot of different enemies-- from buyonettors to military tanks to freakin' nuke carriers-- coming at us, sergeant. So, use everything you have to stop them-- supercool weapons from a pistol to an MG to a goddamn NUKE! Come on, sergeant; buy our men some TIME...


Video Game
Released on April 25, 2018 C.E.
Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux

Drive through a number of infinite challenging and unforgiving maps with your supercool and unique vehicles as far as you can! You can chose from a range of different vehicles, which include a jeep, an A.T.V., a cruiser bike, a supercar and an actual MILITARY TANK! AND THAT TANK ACTUALLY FIRES!!!


Video Game
Released on April 17, 2018 C.E.
Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux

Play as Alpha, the last remaining species of the RoboBoy race, which is about to go extinct due to Dr. Vikram Phaaltu's virus! But everything isn't lost yet! Fetch the secret antidote made by Prof. Aditya Chandra and save the RoboBoy race! Play through five difficult and challenging levels and score as high as you can!
This is our first ever video game. Whoo-hoo! Enjoy!


Hopefully under serious development



Video Game
[ - - ]
Release Date T.B.A.
Will be available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux

A Thug's Ascension is a low-poly open world action-adventure RPG in development by Moonwalk Entertainment.

After being betrayed by a trusted gang member, you got banished from the northern city after the rival gang, Anaconda, took over the great bridge and sealed the north. And with the police looking for you everywhere and the whole underworld wanting you dead, it gets even more difficult. You have lost lost your everything. Guns, men, drugs, turf... everything.

Your only hope is to start over, and loot, fight and kill your way across the bustling metropolis of Marathanagar, and retake what was once yours. Whatever it takes.


Postponed, Abandoned or Cancelled Projects



No projects of this type are present