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The ultimate open world action-adventure


A Thug's Ascension is an upcoming low-poly open world action-adventure video game set in a city, being developed by Moonwalk Entertainment.

Marathanagar, presented as a vibrant, beautiful, detailed, dynamic open world, has been the seat of India's roller-coaster economy and cheesy entertainment industry for over a century, and now hiding behind the fanciness of the film industry and the billionaires and the misery of the overflowing slums, is a megacity struggling not to let its underworld tear it apart.

Ramu, a former cocaine dealer and now an aspiring crime lord, is one of the thousands of criminals trying to survive and make big bucks in the times of dirty politics and overly-aggressive law enforcement. When the government, rich businessmen who're sick of being robbed all the time, and the rival gang Anaconda become too much of a problem for him, Ramu and his gang approach the Inferno — the ultimate authority of the underworld, an international council of crime lords — for protection.

Amidst the burning underworld, the violent gangwars with the Anaconda, the wild chases with the police and the epic robberies off the city's rich, Ramu plans the most daring heist in the history of bank robberies. Will the gang be able to rob the country's central super-bank, and get away with it? Will Ramu be able to set himself up for life?

But it seems like the Inferno has different plans for them…

In this beautiful combination of incredible storytelling and stunning gameplay, exciting exploration and tough choices, A Thug's Ascension tells you a dark tale of hate, crime and corruption, all set in a handmade, dynamic and diverse open world with everything from spectacular skyscrapers, huge mountains and dense forests to dirty slums, busy construction sites and the violent results of gang infestation.


The world of A Thug's Ascension is not just open, it's alive and diverse both culturally and geographically. Every building can be entered, and the world is highly destructible. Meet a wide variety of people, partake in a range of different activities and enjoy your stay in the city of dreams, where everything from streets, forests and mountains to the tops of skyscrapers and the floor of the ocean is open to you.


To rise the ranks of the underworld, you need to eliminate your competition. The Anaconda, your rival gang, has been one of the leaders of organized crime in the Marathanagar underworld since the beginning of the twenty-first century. To break into the north and put an end to their conquests, you need to take over all of their three outposts, one by one, before you make your way to the Fortress, the seat of the Anaconda criminal empire. Outpost raids are complex, multi-phase quests which require detailed planning, setups, precise deployment and perfect execution. Killing random Anacondas on the streets counts, but to make real progress, these outposts need to fall.


Heists are similar to outpost raids, except here your targets are going to be the biggest banks of the city rather than Anaconda strongholds. Three bank robberies, which if executed properly, could set you up for life. Even though there are a lot of ways to make money in A Thug's Ascension, all of the real cash is still locked away in these high-security heavily-guarded banks.


The world of A Thug's Ascension is filled with things to do apart from the exhausting explosiveness of the story quests. Side missions, robberies, friend missions, assassinations, survival challenges, street races, marathon running, parachuting, buying properties, drug dealing, cargo deliveries and time trials are just to name a few…


Everything from shooting, combat and driving to running, jumping and parachuting feels fun, satisfying and responsive. Physics has been overhauled for better performance and our Thanyok systems promise stunning visuals and post-processing. We use the NGS Tools to improve performance, so that you can enjoy smooth, obstacle-free gameplay.




Under development right now

A Thug's Ascension is under active development by the Moonwalk team, and will be released when it's ready, hopefully by 2022. To stay updated about the development of A Thug's Ascension; follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and become a part of the Moonwalk community by joining our Discord server!

Be sure to follow the development with the official development blog.