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Gamers by Day, Gamedevs by Night

Moonwalk Entertainment is an independent video game developer based in Surat, India. We don't have an office because we are high-school students as of right now, and work remotely from our houses, coffee shops and tennis courts to make the games you'd want to probably buy.

We are the developers of the upcoming low-poly open world action-adventure game A Thug's Ascension.

Moonwalk Entertainment was founded by now-C.E.O. Aditya Chandra on July 5, 2017, for the development of A Thug's Ascension. In early 2018, Diwangshu 'D.K.' Kakoty joined the team as the 3D artist, and development on the game began in September 2018. We've been sacrificing sleep and working our asses off ever since.

We make P.C. (Win/Mac/Lin) games only. We don't like mobile dev, although there are some games on mobile that we do enjoy. We like consoles but we haven't given them a thought.


You can send us cool stuff at our address
Moonwalk Entertainment HQ, G4-102, Happy Home's Glorious, Vesu, Surat City, Surat, GJ - 395007
Republic of India