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Our story, your adventure

We are an independent developer of video games based in Surat, India. We make narrative-driven games with personal, character-focused stories and developed, highly interactive game worlds. We are the creators of the upcoming action-adventure game A Thug's Ascension.



Moonwalk's open world story game, under development now

A Thug's Ascension is a low-poly open world action-adventure story game currently under development by Moonwalk Entertainment. In the bustling megacity of Marathanagar, India, Ramu and his gang of outlaws are looking for a way to escape the heat after a traitor brought them down to half their men during a bank robbery in 2018. Now, with tactical police units deployed throughout town and major players like billionaire industrialist Dr. Sushant Sarkar looking to completely destabilise the city's underworld, the gang's dream of escaping Marathanagar with their money has devolved into a suicide mission of fighting, robbing and killing their way across the business districts and slums.

"Tomorrow at dawn, the bridge will fall. We're gonna break into the north, and we're gonna kill every single one of them."

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who we are

As of right now, nobody is telling us or paying us to make games. In fact, making games is us sacrificing the little time we have left after school, sports and studying. We do what we do because we believe that the video game is the ultimate interactive medium to convey incredible stories and make people feel like a part of the worlds that artists create. We believe games have the potential to have a lasting influence on people's lives. We want to be a part of that. We make games because it's more than a job for us. It's our purpose.

Based in Surat, Moonwalk creates games which explore sensitive themes but still convey positive moral messages, with a very strong Indian identity. Our mission is to try and innovate the Indian video game and to raise international awareness of Indian sensibilities. This includes countering the mishandling of Indian culture by western media and sharing a near-accurate portrayal of the country with the world.

Moonwalk Entertainment is Aditya Chandra and Diwangshu Kakoty, a partnership of passionate hobbyist designers with a fascination for storytelling.



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MAILING ADDRESS: Moonwalk Entertainment HQ, G4-102, Happy Home's Glorious, Vesu, Surat City, Surat, GJ-395007, Republic of India

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